Benson Wedding Announcement


Friday June 9, 2006: Shawn & Hayley will arrive at the Grand Canyon Caverns Inn Friday evening. We will be at the hotel from the time we arrive on this day until the afternoon of June 12, 2006.

Saturday June 10, 2006: We will greet guests as they arrive at the hotel and assist in setting up the reception area.

Sunday June 11, 2006: The big day!

5:00 - 7:00 AM: Continental breakfast is served. You will also be able to pick up a bag lunch for the day to bring to Supai.

5:30 AM: For those hiking in, leave the hotel by 5:30 AM to allow sufficient time to hike to the falls.

7:00 AM: For those flying in, leave the hotel en-route to Hualapai Hilltop, the trail-head and helicopter landing pad. It will take approximately 1.5 hours to get to the trailhead from the hotel and 1 to 1.5 hours to fly all guests, 4-6 people per 10-minute flight, to Supai village. Please be sure to bring plenty of water for the day.

8:30 AM: Start flying in guests that would like to fly via helicopter to the village. Any guests that would like to travel to the village by other means may do so at this time, if they have not done so already. Shawn & Hayley will be traveling to and from the village via helicopter (See R.S.V.P. page for helicopter details & cost). As soon as the guests arrive in the village, they should hike towards the falls where the ceremony will be held.

11:00 AM: The ceremony. The ceremony will take place at the bottom of the falls near the water.

12:00 AM: Picture time. We will allow a 1/2 hour for sight seeing and picture taking. If you did not get a chance to look around the falls area prior to the ceremony, this would be a good time to do that.

12:30 PM: Hike back to the village for those who are flying out, or hike to the rim for those who would like to hike out.

1:00 PM: Start flying guests from the village to Hualapai Hilltop. Please note: we are covering the cost of the helicopter to stay longer as needed to fly guests out, which is charged by the hour. Please get to to the helicopter pad A.S.A.P. Thank you.

2:30 PM: Head back to the Grand Canyon Caverns Inn immediately to ensure plenty of time for showering and changing before the reception, which will be held on the outdoor patio at the restaurant.

6:00 PM: The reception. This will also be a time for photographs. There will be an open bar for draft beer and wine with your choice of Oak Creek Amber Ale, Bud Light, and red or white wine. Any other drinks can be purchased at the bar.

7:30 PM: Dinner will be served buffet style. Please take only the entre you orderded on the R.S.V.P. page.


Monday June 12, 2006: We will have breakfast at the restaurant at 10:00 AM and then travel back to Ridgecrest, CA.


For the ceremony, we recommend you wear comfortable outdoor clothing suitable for the environment. You will be hiking at least 2 miles to the falls and 2 miles back on the day of the ceremony in high 80's to low 90 degree weather, so dress accordingly. For the reception we recommend changing into formal wear at the hotel. We recommend the following:


  • Comfortable hiking clothes. Convertible zip-off pants are ideal. You may want pants on during the ceremony and shorts to hike in. These accomplish both. A lightweight top is also recommended.
  • Comfortable hiking shoes
  • Sunscreen and/or hat


  • Formal wear
  • Dress shoes