The Ceremony

Our ride to the ceremony

Hayley in the helicopter for the rehersal

Shawn before the ceremony

Getting ready

Dressed for success

The beautiful bride

She's ready

The location of the ceremony: Havasu Falls of the Havasupai tribe

Wedding Photo 1

Wedding Photo 2

Wedding Photo 3

Wedding Photo 4

Wedding Photo 5

Wedding Photo 6

Wedding Photo 7

Wedding Photo 8

Wedding Photo 9

Wedding Photo 10

Wedding Photo 11

Wedding Photo 12

Wedding Photo 13

Wedding Photo 14

Wedding Photo 15

Wedding Photo 16

Havasupai Chief Diane starting the ceremony

Diane starting the ceremony with tribal flute music

Diane speaking to mother nature

Hayley walks in

The feathers symbolize pride & respect; we treat them as we shall treat our marriage our whole life

Diane starts the councling for what this commitment means to each of us and that we are now starting a whole new life together as one


Smoke ritual for Hayley; the smoke is from burning sage and travels throughout the world and the heavens to bless each one of us

Smoke ritual for Shawn

Diane presenting the rings

The rings were kept over night with Diane and tied together with 2 feathers that have been around the world and blessed on sacred ground

Hayley takes the ring from Diane

Hayley says her vows

Hayley gives Shawn his ring

Shawn takes the ring from Diane

Shawn says his vows

Shawn gives Hayley her ring

Diane ties the knot with 2 feathers

Diane tying the knot

The knot is tied...literally

The kiss

The kiss again

Preparing for the traditional native dance with members of the tribe and Diane singing in her native language

Just before the drum is heard

The dance starts with the beat of a drum played by Diane

The drum

The native dance

Anouncing our marriage to the East

Anouncing our marriage to the North and then the West and the South

The ceremony is complete

Our rings

Our lucky horshoe given to us from Hayley's mum, Bev, and the feathers that tied the knot from Diane

Hayley and her mum, Bev

Hayley and Bev again

Shawn and his mom, Sue

Shawn, Hayley, and her dad Steve

Shawn, Hayley, Steve, and the other Hayley

Both families including Shawn's grandmother Lois and Alan

Both families again

Hayley & Shawn with Rachel on the right and Allula on the left

Hayley and her mum again

Havasu Falls 1

Havasu Falls 2

Havasu Falls 3

Havasu Falls from the top

Havasu Falls 4

Havasu Falls 5

Our ride back to the trailhead. We then drive 60 miles to Route 66 and the hotel for the reception