The Alps

Chamonix, France

Our View from the Campsite

A different kind of bolt used in Chamonix

Typical anchor points and rapell gear in Chamonix

The name of the routes in some craigs are painted on the rock at the base of the climb.

The name of a route in La Joux

Shawn at the top of La Jouvencelle in La Joux

Scenary at La Joux

Hayley at La Joux

Shawn at La Joux

Climbing some slab in Chamonix

The top of the slab

Hayley with Chamonix in the background

Signs to tell you where to go on the trails. No "getting lost" here.

The hike up to the snack bar at La Chapeau

The snack bar at La Chapeau in the mountain

The snack bar at La Chapeau

The best hot coca ever! from the snack bar

Hayley & Shawn at Le Chapeau viewpoint

Hayley at viewpoint at La Chapeau

Shawn at viewpoint at La Chapeau

How they transported EVERYTHING to build the snack bar in 1955

Shawn & Hayley at snack bar

Kiss at Le Chapeau

Le Chapeau sign

Canyoning in The Alps

Need a rope? Snell Sports in Chamonix - a REAL climbing shop

Les Gaillands - A very popular sport area in Chamonix

Shawn & Hayley at Les Gailands

A child learning to belay her sister in Chamonix

A child learning to climb in Chamonix

A climbing plaque at the base of a route in Switzerland

Climbing this way! Why can't every approach be like this?

Excellent slab climbing in Switzerland

Hayley enjoying the quality slab

The top of Barberine in Switzerland

Chamonix from the cable car

Cable cars coming down from Aiguille du Midi

Outside the restaurant & gift shop just below Aiguille du Midi

Restaurant, gift shop, and snack bar at 11,000 feet

Snow cave access for the mountaineers

Mountaineers coming up to Aiguille du Midi

Mountaineers almost to the top of Aiguille du Midi

Shawn atop Aiguille du Midi

Hayley atop Aiguille du Midi

Hayley & Shawn atop Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix

Aiguille du Midi - aprox. 12,600 feet

Shawn & Hayley at 12,600 feet

Mountains in the clouds near Aiguille du Midi