Benson Wedding Announcement

We have registered at REI (Recreational Equipment Incorporated) because what we really need is camping and climbing gear, which we will put to good use during our honeymoon in Europe. If you would like to purchase a gift for us, you can do so through REI at their website or at any store location in the United States. They have a registry list that can be accessed on their site or at any store location. To view the registry list, click on the link below and enter in the registry number or last name. Please retain all receipts from any purchases at REI as their return policy is unparalleled to any other retailer. If a product from REI ever becomes defective, they will happily exchange it for a replacement with a receipt.

If you are not a member of the REI club, please use our club number when ordering: 04856132-B

Registry Number: GR1097115
Anyone that would like to make a donation to the wedding or honeymoon costs, in lieu of a wedding gift, may do so here.